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Annual Fishing Day 2017

1st Muizenberg Sea Scout Group hosted its very first Fishing Competition on Sunday 5 November. Fishing enthusiasts and newbies alike enjoyed themselves, with many an interesting item caught and fishing interest badges earned. Much appreciation to the Zandvlei Nature Reserve for supporting our event as we respectfully kept it a catch and release only activity.

We had a fantastic turnout and despite the only living vlei residents being caught were green monsters (aka seaweed/bottom dwelling sea slime), much fun was had by all. The predictable gale force winds entwined lines and seemed to chase all the fish away (bar the one and only fish caught was by hand but this poor creature didn’t qualify and was dutifully released). However, some interesting catches were blown our way and an unintended life lesson of the art of stillness was taught by mother nature to the youngsters, which lasted a whopping 30 minutes on my count. This in itself was an impressive feat.

Some fantastic fun prizes were handed out for ‘the most interesting catch’ (a R20 note), a fish tail, some fish eggs among others and all the 1st Muizenberg Cubs who attended earned their fishing interest badge. Well done Cubs!

The Scouts who attended received a copy of the Recreational Rules regarding Fishing at the Vlei as well as a printout of the requirements for their Fishing Interest Badge.

It was wonderful to have some Cubs and Scouts from other groups join us on this fun day and we look forward to many more so thank you to 1st Hout Bay and 2nd Bergvliet for coming and supporting us.

Thanks also to those who donated such fabulous prizes and assisted in the tuckshop and in-demand pancake making. Every pack needs its own base and all the funds 1st Muizenberg Cub pack have raised from events such as this are in support of establishing its very own club house. So, keep supporting us!

Until the next one.

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