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Family Bingo 2018

Picture this…

The year is 2018, the date is May 8th, the fundraising committee is still soaring from the epic success of the 2018 Vlei Day and then the WhatsApp Group Pings:

“Time To Start Planning the 2nd Annual Bingo Evening!”

The dust has not yet settled on the last awesome achievement but the dedicated folks on this fundraising committee, without taking a breath, jump straight into it and start planning the next one. Ladies and Gentlemen…..Their dedication showed!

On the 1st of September we all got our “Old Lady” personas ready, got our Snapscan apps downloaded and flocked to the only place to be between 3pm and 7pm...1st Muizenberg`s 2nd Annual Bingo Evening!

This year the ladies and gents on the fundraising committee worked over time to secure some of the most epic prizes we have had at our Bingo evening so far.

For just R100.00 you received 3 Bingo Cards, a tasty Beef/Veggie Burger with salads and

the chance to win some of our fantastic prizes. Prizes such as a Photo Shoot, Le Bonheur Reptile encounter, Worksheet Cloud Subscriptions, Cricket Lessons, Car Valets, Sorbet Vouchers, Hint Hunt Escape vouchers and many more.... So much more...

It really does go without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway...We wouldn't get anywhere in these events without our AWESOME sponsors. This year we had prizes sponsored by the super duper folks at, Readers Warehouse and Desire Neilson Photography to mention but a few.

The afternoon started of with our recently invested Scout Group Leader, Farrel October being kind enough to call the numbers and tell the jokes...oh the jokes....”giggle”

We had a practice round for the kids, or at least so the “Big Kids” could refresh their memories as to how the game is played. This round was won by little Juliet and got everyone's interest piqued as to what lies in store.

There were ten double rounds played in total and after the 2nd session of the 5th round we all had the chance to take a break from the numbers and que for the food, Yummo! I have to say that these people can get organised in a jiffy when called upon. The que moved steadily and in no time everyone was fed and watered and we were ready to get cracking again. After another round or two we were even given the option to buy dessert, for ONLY R 15.00! I have never tasted Malva Pudding and Custard of that caliber...It was sublime.

While each card was used twice per round, we had the option of buying more cards in

various bundles if we wanted to. This could be done in cash or with the nifty Snapscan app and our tuckshop was also available throughout the event so the kids could get even more excited by the sweeties.

We attended last year's event as well and I can honestly say that like most good things, these evenings only get better each year. Our family, from Granny to grandkids to friends, all had a blast and could not stop talking about the fun that was had. Even the ones who didn't quite know what was going on and the ones that gave it their best but didn't take away anything but super fun memories, we are all looking forward to doing this again next year!

Thank you to everyone who helped, even in the smallest way, to make this event the success that it was. We couldn't have done this without you!

Until next time…


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