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Mia's Springbok Camp

My experience at Mia ‘s Springbok camp was amazing! We began with us getting put into two patrols, once our two patrols were chosen, she gave us each a new patrol member, they were eggs! We had to take them everywhere, decorate them and name them -ours was named “Scrambled”.

Once we decorated our eggs, we made our campsites and started on some awesome activities.

The two opposing patrols were the Terrific Turtles and the Awesome

Alpacas (my group).

We did many activities on the first day, all of which I enjoyed, they were really fun and a great way to settle in, and before the day was over, we stalked the lantern and ate delicious food that was prepared by our patrols.

On the second day it was even more fun than the first, because we went to the beach, it was awesome, because the water wasn’t too cold and we could go in quite deep.

The first activity we did, we carried our APL ‘S into the ocean as a team,

across and back to the shore, we then did it all again, in REVERSE, while the waves were crashing against us, needless to say some of us, well all of us, fell into the water (awesome, like I said).

Not long after, we had a knot tie relay race, it was such a close call and we cheered as loud as we could for the patrols we were in, but the Terrific Turtles won the challenge at the end of the day.

We then had a sand castle building competition, and had some major

fun with that. Once we got back to camp, we showered, and got ready to prepare supper, delicious potjiekos with baked cheese bread (delicious). Mia allowed each patrol to be blindfolded while choosing a secret ingredient that they would add to their potjie, ours was cauliflower and it made all the difference in our potjie…Yummy!

On the final day, we woke up and made our breakfast (bacon burgers and flapjacks for dessert).

We packed up and relaxed, until it was time to go home, before we left, we had an award ceremony for all the fun we had.

Needless to say, everyone got an award. I’m sure if we weren’t tired, we would have stayed longer.

I learnt that no challenge is to big when you working as part of a team.


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