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Scout Camp 2020 Part 4

Day1. When we arrived at Clanwilliam Dam I was super excited and a tiny bit nervous! While me, Jazzy and a few others waited for everyone to arrive we swam in the dam with the Blouberg scouts. When everyone had arrived, we set up tents and unpacked. The food was great and it was fun to see some more of the usual scouts I see on Fridays but what was even better was that I knew, by the time we were leaving, I was going to create and strengthen friendships.

Day2. I was not ready to be woken up by bagpipes and they wouldn’t stop! When I turned over I noticed Jazzy was still waking up. I stuck my head out the tent to see what all the commotion was about, that’s when I saw Kiara, my patrol leader, telling me it was PT! Let me tell you something at school we do PE physical education and I did not want to do physical torture. It was fine and I found out you can get a fitness badge. We put up the army tents after flag break. Later in the day the life raft and water trampoline were put up, it was pretty fun! Once again dinner was delicious.

Day3. Again bagpipes. I can’t describe how painful it was at first but you get used to it. We made the rafts on day 3. It was hot that day so we stayed by the water most of the time! I haven’t mentioned something yet. The MUD- it was great, fun, exciting, sticky, gross but it was always a thrill. In the end we made mud gloves, mud shoes and a mud hole! The people who joined me with making mud were Billy, Jazzy, Hannah, Paige, Nathan and Steven.

Day4. This was the day I got heat fatigue, unfortunately it was because I was stupid and didn’t drink enough water but I have learned a lesson- ALWAYS stay hydrated. We were doing knots and I couldn’t concentrate, Kiara told me to lie down. I was given things to drink, everyone said I was responding slowly but in the end I was fine! The rest of the day was however brilliant!

Day5. On that day we found out we would be hiking to a hill, making a shelter and sleeping in that shelter. We made our dinner in tinfoil so we could learn how to make food in case we were ever stuck anywhere. We kept going the wrong way so it took us longer than usual to get there, by the time we were finished it was 2am and I fell asleep so quickly! Overall it was tough but great fun! I recommend going on the next scout camp.

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