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“Learning by doing” is the natural way for children and young people to learn new skills. In Scouting, this takes place through result-driven, hands-on activities where Scouts and Cubs can later evaluate what they have learnt. Learning by doing is far more meaningful, memorable, and long lasting and it deepens the understanding of concepts and mastering of practical skills.

Youth Training

Our youth training programme is an advancement system where Scouts and Cubs are allowed to progress at their own pace. It allows for experimental learning and contributes to their personal development. Cub, Scouts and Rovers acquire Advancement Badges as part of their journey.


Advancement Training

The Advancement programme provides the core training for skills such as First Aid and emergency, hiking, camping, compass and mapping, knotting, pioneering, cooking, outdoor safety, conservation, cleanliness and topics relating to personal development.


Our Programme Promotes:

  • character development

  • exposure to new interests;

  • life skills eg: First Aid training;

  • outdoor adventure;

  • leadership training;

  • teamwork;

  • citizenship (ubuntu) and involvement in the community; 

  • and understanding and caring for the environment.

"A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens. ." ~ Lord Robert Baden-Powell
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