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Started in 2019 and a brand new addition to our Group, the Meerkats are finally here!

All Meerkats follow the Meerkat Trail from Granny Meerkat, which prepares them for Cubs. 

Led by Rafiki, the Meerkat Den is dedicated to enriching the lives of Boys and Girls, age 5 - 6, through outdoor adventure, valuable life skills and team building.


Meerkats follow the Meerkat trail where they learn new skills, play games, complete creative crafts, enjoy outdoor adventure and community projects. Along their journey they make new friends and acquire a number of badges. Please note that a trusted adult is required to attend with their Meerkat

DEN Meetings

Every Friday during the School Term

16h15 - 17h00


Sea Scout Base


A Meerkat always stands tall

Meet Our DEN 

Mandela Day
Opening Ceremony
Treasure Hunt!
Duty Lookout
Natural Resources
Making a photo frame with natural items
Spider Monkeys!
World of Birds outing
Little brother wants to be a Meerkat too!
Strutting his stuff
Tie Dye
Bird Feeder Fun
Tree Climbing
Watching the goslings at the vlei
Beach Outing
Ice cream at the beach
Clay sculptures
Delicious Cooking Badge Day
Learning to strike a match
Making lifelong friends
How far can you jump?
Learning about the Recovery Position
Community Service time
We love our Meerkat Instructors
Planting a garden
Who is this person?
Family Camp at the SSB
Family Camp Fun!
Making Christmas Trees
Painting is fun
Blindfolded Obstacle Course
Our Meerkat Totem with his green hat on
Meerkat Open Day
Relaxing before a meeting
Follow the Leader
Blindfolded Obstacle Course
Practising cartwheels before a meeting
Blindfolded Obstacle Course
Meerkat Greeting
Rafiki and Family
Can't wait to start!
Uniform excitement!


I will love my God, be kind and stand tall

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