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Cub Fun Day 2017 - It's a Dog's Life!

This year's Cub Fun Day was held at the 1st Monte Visa Scout Hall in

Monte Vista. The theme this year was "It's a Dog's Life" and a large donation of dog food was made to the Fallen Angels Rescue Centre.

Each Cub pack had to set up an activity base according to the theme so there were loads of activities for all the Cubs, from creating chew toys for dogs to puppy tricks, ice-cream lapping races, interacting with puppies from the Rescue Centre and more.

Due to our wonderful Assistant Pack Scouter, Kaa (AKA Martin Odd), 1st Muizenberg was lucky enough to be able to set up an interactive display of birds and snakes as pets. Corn Snakes, Boa Constrictors, Rats, Macaws and more, our Cubs thoroughly enjoyed being part of the demonstration and all those at the base learnt a lot from Martin (thank you!).

Needless to say, Cub Fun Day 2017 was a festive event and much fun was had by all who attended, without losing the more serious underlying message of animal rescue. A well-deserved thank you to the organisers and all the Packs involved in making this event a successful one.

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