Fire Relief Appeal

A devastating fire swept through Overcome Heights, Vrygrond yesterday leaving approximately 1500 people homeless. This is one of the worst fires Vrygrond has ever seen. We are sending out an appeal to the group and the Scouting Community as a whole, to assist with fire relief in any way you can. They require blankets, cooked food, (in containers with spoons and forks) water, baby supplies, bedding/ mattresses, clothing in men, women and children sizes. Drop off points: 10 Zee Close, Marina da Gama Lavender Hill High School Pod Baby, 32 Palmer Road, Muizenberg Ou Kaapse Vet (for dog food, bowls and burn shield) Monetary donations can be made via the banking account details can be found on w

The Quarterdeck - 3rd Quarter 2018

The latest Quarterdeck has just been released! Read all about the fantastic adventures we had at 1st Muizenberg in the 3rd Quarter here: From competitions to camps to awesome fundraising events, this is the biggest Quarterdeck yet! Have a squizz and let us know what you think!

Family Bingo 2018

Picture this… The year is 2018, the date is May 8th, the fundraising committee is still soaring from the epic success of the 2018 Vlei Day and then the WhatsApp Group Pings: “Time To Start Planning the 2nd Annual Bingo Evening!” The dust has not yet settled on the last awesome achievement but the dedicated folks on this fundraising committee, without taking a breath, jump straight into it and start planning the next one. Ladies and Gentlemen…..Their dedication showed! On the 1st of September we all got our “Old Lady” personas ready, got our Snapscan apps downloaded and flocked to the only place to be between 3pm and 7pm...1st Muizenberg`s 2nd Annual Bingo Evening! This year the ladies and g

There's a New Crew in Town

I have always loved Scouting and its principles and have been quite curious about Rovering for some time now. When I joined the group, I discovered that there was a third branch to Scouting otherwise known as a Rover Crew. Intrigued by this, I started making enquiries and discovered, to my disappointment, that there was no active Rover Crew in the Two Oceans District. What is Rovering you may ask? Well, let me give you a bit of background. This has been taken directly from the Scouts South Africa website:- Rovers are the third branch of Scouting with a strong focus on community engagement and social inclusion. Rovers develops leadership qualities and encourages Crew Members to grow themselve

"World of Avatar" Pack Holiday 2018

This year I decided to focus my attention on getting my Cub Camping License so that we could do more overnight activities with our Cubs such as camping, badges (the link badge in particular) and other overnight events such as a sleepover at the Museum. The Cub Camping license ensures that we follow the regulations set out by Scouts South Africa to ensure the safety of the children on camp/ holiday. I attended a fantastic overnight course at Hawequas in Wellington where we were trained in every element of Cub Camping from planning a camp/ pack holiday, to cooking meals for a large group of people and playing a variety of games that can be used at camp. It was an adventure-filled weekend run b

Seamanship 2018 - Winner's Log

To the readers, First of all, thank you for having the nerve and resilience to click onto this report. I hope it quenches your thirst for the knowledge of what happened in this year’s Seamanship competition. Second of all I want to thank everyone who took part in helping and supporting this amazing and fun-filled competition. Whether you helped with transport, gave advice, or even thought about all of us as we were out on the water, it is greatly appreciated. A special thank you to Meagan for organizing and running said competition, Meagan this may only be my second Seamanship, but it was by far the best and I am sure both teams will agree with me on that, and of course to Wayne who led us t

Going Up Ceremony - what is it and why do we do it?

As soon as a Cub turns 11 years old, they either move up to the Scout Troop, or they leave the Movement. We always aim to have them join Scouts instead of leaving and I am happy to say that, in the past 5 years, of the 30 Cubs who have stayed with the Pack until they turned 11, 25 have gone up to the Troop and of those, 19 are still Scouts. This is one of our purposes - to produce good Scouts for our Troop. Those Scout troops without a Cub pack have difficulty recruiting new members but if a Group has a Cub Pack and the Pack Scouters teach the Cubs properly, they will love Cubs and in turn, will be excited to become a Scout and will love it just as much. This is what we aim to do at 1st M

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