Gordon's Shield 2017

On the 14 of August 2017, a major scouting competition was held at Hawequas. 41 teams took part in this competition. This year's Gordon's Shield theme was the Global Water Conference and all the teams had to dress up to represent the county they were given. We were given Uruguay and dressed up as Uruguayan Gypsies. On the first day we got there we drove to our campsite and started unpacking, then we registered our team and went to the field for the parade. The first day had many different STA’s and things we had to do. My favourite activities were the First Aid, Pioneering, Gadget Building and the Cooking Bases. There were individual activities and there were group activities. The groups wer

World Friendship - Cubs

Part of our Advancement work for the Community Challenge badge involves “Contact with other Cubs”. This can be with another Cub pack at a District event, or by having a joint meeting with a nearby Cub Pack. Sometimes we are able to connect with Cubs from another country. These past few months 1st Muizenberg has been fortunate to make contact with Packs from England as well as from Australia. My brother, Wayne Fillis, is the Cub Scout Leader (CSL) of 32nd Bromley (Hayes) Scout Group in the UK. This title is the equivalent of Pack Scouter (Akela). The Scout group is based in Bromley which is a district of South East London. Wayne visited Cape Town in March this year and helped us run a

B I N G O!

Once again, our Fundraising Team has outdone themselves with a fantastic family event! On Saturday 5 August, 96 Cubs, Scouts, Scouters, friends and family of 1st Muizenberg attended our very first Family Bingo event. With Troop Scouter, Craig Burchell-Burger at the helm as MC, and Pack Scouter, Lisa Storey behind the scenes, it was (mostly) smooth sailing. Members of the fundraising team worked tirelessly in the kitchen while the rest of the crew manned the deck. The afternoon began with a practise double round so that the children (and some of the bigger children) could get the hang of the game. Once Bingo had officially started, there was much excitement to be had. There were 10 double rou

World Scout Scarf Day 2017

World Scout Scarf Day is celebrated on 1 August every year and commemorates the very first Scout Camp held on Brownsea Island in 1907. Scout Scarf Day is a call to all past and present Scouts to wear their scarves in public with pride. Some of our Cubs and Scouters represented today by wearing their scarves to school and work. Check out the pictures below. Scouts South Africa runs a great competition called “Scout Scarf Selfie Competition!” If you took a photo of yourself and/or your friends wearing their scarves in a public place today, send them to Scouts South Africa and you will stand the chance to WIN some great Scouting prizes! Read more about it here. Scout Scarf Day is celebrated aro

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