Scout Cooking Competition

On Sunday, the 21st of May, at 12:00 in the afternoon, four of our junior scouts arrived at the Zandvlei Base in Muizenberg. We were getting organized for a cooking competition that was happening at 1:00, at the 1st Bergvliet Scout Hall. I, Hannah Gibbs, as APL of the patrol was told that my PL wouldn't be coming anymore, and that I would have to take over the position as PL, not knowing what I was supposed to be doing. I was very nervous of leading a patrol that had juniors who didn't really know what was happening either. Myself, Lisa Storey, Craig Burchell-Burger and one of our junior scout's mom were talking and we were thinking about not competing at all. We decided to compete, but to j

Upton Shield 2017

Upton Shield is a junior scouting competition, where scouts from all over Cape Town get together to compete. There were about 70 patrols of 4 to 5 people taking part in Upton Shield. Every year there is a different theme, this year's theme was Ship Wrecked. The hike started at Strandfontein Pavilion and ended at the Sea Scout Base. What A Hike! As you walk on the beach there are bases to do along the way. There were a variety of tasks, like first aid, knotting, shelter building and some colourful and creative activities like making colourful sand using food colouring and drawing a panoramic sketch. The activitie really put our scouting skills and teamwork to the test. For all the bases you

2017 Beaver Rose Scout Competition

Named after the fondly remembered and legendary Ed "Beaver" Rose, Beaver Rose is an annual Two Oceans District Competition that tests the Scouts' camping skills. Based at the Rotary Campsite in Glencairn, this year's theme was Medieval and saw two of our patrols represent 1st Muizenberg, namely the Seals and the Seagulls. Each Patrol Leader provided us with a report on the event below. " On Saturday afternoon I arrived at Beaver Rose to a well organized patrol that were pitching tents and making fires (controlled). Soon after my arrival we were rushed into the Spare Time Activities which consisted of making gadgets and cooking food. The day was long and we all became tired with all the work

Meet our Epic Assistant Pack Scouter Martin Odd AKA "Kaa"

Those of you who attended Cub Fun Day this year and wandered over to our base would have been lucky enough to come into contact with our fantastic APS Martin Odd AKA Kaa and a few of his friends. Martin is our very own Animal Whisperer and our Pack is blessed to have him as one of their Scouters! Some of you may not know that Martin's family has been involved in Scouting for generations. Here's a bit more in Martin's own words: "My family has been involved in Scouting going back to my Grandfather in the 1920’s and 30’s. My Dad was a Sea Scout in the 1950’s and 60’s, and my brother and myself also joined in the early 1980’s. I joined the Robin Hills Scout Group in Randburg when I was 8 ye

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With over a hundred years of experience in the scouting world, 1st Muizenberg is well established as one of the greatest and oldest scouting troops in Southern Africa. Join us on our quest for adventure as we grow from strength to strength, with the leaders of tomorrow at the helm.

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