Upton Shield for Moms - 101 basics of Scouting competitions and team work.

Upton Shield is a prestigious Western Cape junior hiking competition for Scouts. Every year the coveted trophy becomes more elusive as the size of the competition grows. This year 69 teams of 4 scouts participated. The most notable consideration for me this year was that the competition took place on Mother's Day. 1st Muizenberg Upton Shield moms impressed me this year, and I am so encouraged about the future success of our troop based on what I am going to describe. Let me start by creating a backdrop to my story, Your junior Scout has been in Scouts for a few months and comes home to declare that they are chosen to participate in a competition! At this stage, you dear mom, are unaware of t

Fun Day at the Vlei 2018

When Kathryn and I first joined 1st Muizenberg in 2016, we had heard rumours about the first Fun Day at the Vlei that was held at the Sea Scout Base earlier that year that sounded like an awesome event. Last year, there had been talk in the Events Committee of running a second Fun Day event but it was decided against as it is quite an undertaking and there was just not enough time. This year, we were fortunate enough to have some new parents join our Events Committee and we decided to take on a second Fun Day at the Vlei. What a day it was! Sunday 6 May started with Cub Dandre and his dad firing up the braai for the spit before 7am! When everyone else arrived just before 8am to set up, we we

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