Edward Shield 2017

Cub packs throughout Cape Town eagerly prepared themselves for the grandest pack challenge of the year. The Edward Shield Event. The only requirement – Be Prepared. And that we were. Armed with 11 cubs in our pack, Akela marched our little wolves through the challenges, one by one, while Bagheera was a great example to her cubs, jumping in as a facilitator at one of the bases. We were given clues and told to pack palm sized rocks, bottled water and a few other cubcraft gems. We wondered for days what we would need these little things for. As we worked our way through the challenges, everything started to make sense and "aha" moments were abound. The competition started at 11:00 am sharp. Eac

Annual Fishing Day 2017

Join us on the 5 November for our Annual Fishing Day! Loads of prizes up for grabs in a range of different categories including strangest catch! Cubs will earn their Fishing Interest Badge and the event will count towards the Scout's Fisherman Interest Badge. Please bring your own rod, tackle and bait. Only R 30.00 to enter and snacks will be on sale. Family and friends welcome!

Muizenberg Festival 2017

From raft building with Zoë Brown to canoeing while doing a litter clean up, the Muizenberg Festival is definitely something that 1st Muizenberg will be involved in again. The first weekend kicked off on the Saturday morning with raft building, where the public got to learn the art of raft building, square lashings and more. Not only did we give to the community, but we gave back to the environment too, by canoeing to all those hard to reach places on the banks of the vlei. We found really interesting things like a TV, Mattress and even an office chair! Sunday was more relaxed with free boat rides on our Saldanha Dinghys steered by 1st Muizenberg's very professional helmsman. The following w

1st Muizenberg Cubs and Sea Scouts in the 1960s

Where to start? Vlei Road, Lakeside! In those days, St Clair, which was the name of our house and a private residence, became the meeting place for both Cubs and Scouts. We had a large shed on our property and tons of space for such a gathering. The Scouts met on a Friday, much like the Troop does now, and the Cubs met on a Saturday morning. The Cub Pack Leader was Mrs. Joan Strong and my Late Mom, Barbara was Baloo the Bear. Of course, the Grand howl was the highlight of the meeting. We played many games on the field next to the house, and took walks down to the vlei. Eventually, we relocated to the old stables on the main road between Lakeside and Muizenberg. This is where the transi

Cub Camp 2017 - Around the World in 80 Days

I have always had a penchant for camping. The rougher, the better. From spending all day swimming in a local dam with the hot African sun beating down to gazing at the wide expanse of blue heavens under the welcoming shade of towering blue gum trees. Navigating sharp rocks at a river crossing and walking barefoot on gravel roads, with orange dust-encrusted thighs and a dry breeze caressing one's face. Those are some of my most treasured childhood memories. So do I want to go camping? Are you kidding? I'm in. Always! So when I was informed that I could take part in running a Cub Camp, I couldn't wait to go on an adventure with all the Cubs and adults that I have grown so fond of! It was re

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