Cub Pack Donation Drive - Little Angels

Our Cub Pack is hosting a donation drive for Little Angels in Tokai. They care for HIV/AIDS or other special needs babies from birth to 1 year old as well as providing a safe place of care for babies in crisis. They also provide emergency & short term care for children over 2 years old, as well as running various outreach projects such as creches, soup kitchens & special needs homes. We would like to assist them by collecting donations for babies - 2nd hand or new clothing or baby toys, toiletries, baby formula or nappies. If you are able to assist, please contact us before 12 May.

Holiday Hike up the Mountain - Adventure in the clouds

On Friday the 14th of April, twelve 1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts put their sea legs to land and hiked up to the Scout Mountain Club Hut. We set off early from the parking lot at Constantia Nek. We enjoyed a cool day on our way up the Jeep Track. Many scouts were hiking for the first time so this experience, although tough, was the substance that memories of a lifetime are made of. The temperature went from cool to chilly at the top, but being Scouts, we were well prepared and in no way deterred by a bit of wind and cloud. The top of the Jeep Track is planted with black berries along the way, these offer juicy treats for scouts eager to forage and live off the land. We made it to the hut in good

Quiz Night

We will be hosting a Quiz Night on 3 June 2017 at the Zandvlei Sea Scout base from 6pm until late. Tickets are R 75.00 per person which includes snacks. There will be 6 people per team and those with kids can bring them to watch a movie while you play for only R 20.00 which will include popcorn and hot chocolate/ juice. Hot and cold drinks will be on sale. To book, please contact Please note that there is limited space so book early to avoid disappointment. Friends and Family are welcome!

The Woody Ravine Challenge - A Hike Up Table Mountain

As a young girl, you would often find me playing in the mud, climbing trees, building houses out of shrubbery and collecting bugs and lizards or rodents. Needless to say, Scouting was something that appealed to my finer senses, and the fact that it was only available to boys at the time made it seem even more alluring. Last year, when I realised that we had an active group right here in my home town, I was determined to get my 7-year-old niece signed up as a Cub so that she could experience the amazing movement of Scouting. Very soon I found myself getting completely drawn in. I volunteered to help paint the Kon-Tiki Hut and in the process the wonderful ATS, Meagan Richards asked me if I wou

Cub Fun Day 2017 - It's a Dog's Life!

This year's Cub Fun Day was held at the 1st Monte Visa Scout Hall in Monte Vista. The theme this year was "It's a Dog's Life" and a large donation of dog food was made to the Fallen Angels Rescue Centre. Each Cub pack had to set up an activity base according to the theme so there were loads of activities for all the Cubs, from creating chew toys for dogs to puppy tricks, ice-cream lapping races, interacting with puppies from the Rescue Centre and more. Due to our wonderful Assistant Pack Scouter, Kaa (AKA Martin Odd), 1st Muizenberg was lucky enough to be able to set up an interactive display of birds and snakes as pets. Corn Snakes, Boa Constrictors, Rats, Macaws and more, our Cubs thorough

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