Cub Soccer Tournament 2017

On the afternoon of Saturday 9th of September, some of the Silver Wolves from 1st Muizenberg and 2nd Fish Hoek met up at the Sea Scout base for a mini soccer tournament. We at 1st Muizenberg were able to get 2 teams together, while 2nd Fish Hoek had 1 team. The tournament was played in a round robin format. Each match was 20 minutes long, and the team not playing in a particular match were taken off for a sail around the vlei by Akela Jim from 2nd Fish Hoek. So all was set up for a very exciting afternoon for the Cubs! The emphasis was on sportsmanship, and the teams were scored on this, over and above the goals scored. I was lucky enough, along with Scout Liam S, to be the “ref”. The f

Seamanship 2017

This year the Scout's Seamanship competition was organized by our very own Scouters, along with members from other Troops in the district. Held at the Navy Base in Simonstown over the weekend of 1 - 3 September, the event did not disappoint. See more from our Assistant Troop Scouter, Wayne Pellew and Scout Robyn B of the A Team, below: "This year 1st Muizenberg entered 2 teams into the Seamanship competition, an A Team and a B Team. The B Team were tasked with gaining experience while the A Team had to actively compete. Day 1: All the teams arrived at the Naval Base at 19h30 where they were assessed on the spot. Uniforms were inspected, registration forms had to be completed and handed in, a

1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts Alumni

Established in 1909, 1st Muizenberg has been active for more than 100 years. Boys and girls and dedicated adult volunteers have wandered through our halls and have many yarns to tell. With this in mind, we have created a Facebook Page dedicated to all past Scouters, Scouts and Cubs of 1st Muizenberg Sea Scout Group. We will be posting old photos as well as current events happening at 1st Muizenberg. Perhaps a reunion or regatta between current Scouts and past Scouts? If you are part of the 1st Muizenberg Alumni, please feel free to post photos and anecdotes about your time at 1st Muizenberg as we value our history. We can't wait to hear more. Once a Scout, always a Scout!

A Cub Dad's Account of the 10 year old's First Aid Course

I accompanied the Cubs to their First Aid course last Saturday. It’s part of the advancement for their Leaping Wolf badge, I believe. I never did get that badge! It was probably because I started quite late with Scouts. I missed the whole Cub vibe completely. If only my school buddies had nagged me before I was too old to attend, but I reckon I enjoyed my time at Scouts just as much as I would have at Cubs. The day started off well with some outdoor activities to get rid of the children’s Saturday excitement. Matt seemed to know how to keep the Cubs interested and by providing lots of interaction and feedback. He gave them all a chance to speak when they had questions or stories to tell. Oh,

The Quarterdeck - 2nd Quarter 2017

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Check out the 1st Issue of the newly revived Quarterdeck, 1st Muizenberg's quarterly magazine here: We have been working very hard behind the scenes to revive our quarterly magazine and hope you enjoy revisiting Quarter 2 at 1st Muizenberg. If you have any comments or would like to contribute to The Quarterdeck, please send APS Angela Lee-Wright an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

Boatswain 2017

Boatswain was fun, scary and challenging. It is all about maintenance skills, piping and making a fancy looking lanyard. We arrived at the Sea Scout Base ready for action. We started of by varnishing Uncle Stef's banister, table and the trainer officer's door. It looks great if I do say so myself. We then went over the basics in the evening like knot work, and learnt so much about tools that I never even knew existed! The food was scrumptious. Thank you Uncle Stef and Aunty Julie for the food. Loved every piece of that gammon! The lanyard was my favourite part. It was so relaxing and I felt so accomplished when I finally finished it. I am also so proud that I got to use an angle grinder to c

A New Cub Mom's Account of the District Cub Hike 2017

As a new Cub mom, I was very interested in the upcoming hike with the 1st Muizenberg Pack that took place on Saturday 26th August 2017. We are a family of Hiking Enthusiasts and love going out in a group! Well, all I can say is, what an amazing experience! Not only did the 1st Muizenberg Cubs attend, but we were joined by several other groups from the District, as well as further afield, making us a rather large Pack trekking up the mountain. We met at the Echo Valley entrance at 12:30 on Boyes Drive just above Kalk Bay and there was much excitement within the group. Departing at 12:45, with a well organised hike leader at the front, we started up the mountain. We took a few breaks along t

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With over a hundred years of experience in the scouting world, 1st Muizenberg is well established as one of the greatest and oldest scouting troops in Southern Africa. Join us on our quest for adventure as we grow from strength to strength, with the leaders of tomorrow at the helm.

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