My First Gordon's Shield Experience

The drive to Gordon's Shield was long, but beautiful and scenic at the same time. As I was getting closer to Hawequas, I started feeling anxious but excited, and as I reached the parking area I saw my fellow Scouts and the anxiety subsided. Some expectations came to mind; I wanted to have a lot of fun, yet still feel challenged. More of my patrol members arrived and the JUDGES did too! They gave us our campsite numbers and so my journey for Gordon's Shield began. As we put our bags down, our patrol leader told us to start unpacking the trailer, then we had to wait until she came back from registering our patrol. Finally we got time to eat, I'm not even sure if it was lunch time anymore. All

Discoverer Service Project - Zandvlei Clean-Up

I planned a Service Project as a clean up in the Vlei. I contacted Mike Ryder, who is a resident of Marina da Gama, to assist with his knowledge of plastic being littered in our environment. Mike showed us the nets fitted in the canal. He has spent many years organising this project. Residents from the Marina also joined, this was coordinated by Pixie Levesque. All together 73 large bags of litter were filled. We picked up, to name a few, nappies, takkies, boots, lighters, toothbrushes, pillows, glass bottles and even a mattress. The plastic is blown or thrown into the canal, that leads into the vlei, in turn into the sea. There were people on land, as well as in canoes on the vlei working

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