Mandela Day Pack & Troop Activity

Since Mandela day falls on a week day this year, the Group decided that the Saturday beforehand, 14 July, would be a better day to do our Mandela Day activity. We decided to do a Vlei litter clean-up for various reasons. The vlei is the Group's home - we sail and swim in the water, we do Cub activities on the banks and we enjoy the beautiful views during Cub and Scout meetings at the Sea Scout base. Therefore, the less pollution in the vlei, the better for all of us. There are a large amount of birds and fish in the vlei and due to the litter blown into the water or flushed down by the rains from the canals in Marina da Gama, it is a danger and a health hazard for everyone. The Cubs are

Cubs and Scouts - Musings from a Cub/ Scout

Why I Like Cubs Cubs is very fun but interesting at the same time, you can learn a lot from going to the meetings like how to tie knots, house safety, road safety and so much more. There is so much to learn about in Cubs I could write 50 pages (front and back) and still not list all of it. For each thing you learn you can earn badges, which are sewn onto your uniform. Yes! That's right, you heard me, there's a uniform. 1st Muizenberg is different than most, as part of our uniform we have a solid green scarf, that's because we are one of the oldest troops in South Africa. Our troop is more than 100 years old. The best part is that we are all a family. Why I think you should join Cubs You sho

2018 Polar Bear Swim

There was a chilly wind blowing, the clouds were dark, the sea was turbulent with a changing tide, the beach was littered with blue bottles……. YES, only the brave will guess…. the annual Polar Bear swim was upon us. This is the first year in my experience that the conditions have been as harsh as they were this year, but this never stopped the parents, Scouters, Scouts and Cubs that braved the elements to come out of their warm houses to support a major fundraiser for 1st Muizenberg, the annual Polar Bear tuckshop. This was also the first year where all the Polar Bear Crew were uniquely identified by a crew shirt – this really added an even more professional touch to our ever-popular tucksho

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With over a hundred years of experience in the scouting world, 1st Muizenberg is well established as one of the greatest and oldest scouting troops in Southern Africa. Join us on our quest for adventure as we grow from strength to strength, with the leaders of tomorrow at the helm.

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