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Transition from Cubs to Scouts

By Scout Nova

Being a Cub is a great introduction to the world of Scouting, but as Cubs grow older and become more skilled, they can want to do more challenging things as Cubs gets less interesting as the Cubs become older and closer to becoming a Scout. The transition from being a Cub to becoming a Scout is a big step as it is more challenging, but it offers many new challenges and opportunities for personal growth. Cubs are between the ages of 7 and 10, and they participate in a range of activities that help them develop important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and self-discipline.

I found out about Cubs from one of my friends who was a part of Cubs at the time and I attended one meeting with him and I thought Cubs was the best thing ever and I couldn't wait to join. After I joined I was always looking forward to my Fridays to go to Cubs. I always made sure I went to Cubs no matter what. I made lots of friends in Cubs and I got a few other people to join. I was always so excited for Cubs and I couldn't wait to learn something new. I loved being a part of the Cub pack I was in(1st Muizenberg). I loved the community and all the people a part of it.

I remember thinking I was so cool telling people I did Cubs and I would flex it to people but everyone that didn't do Cubs or knew what it was never understood why I loved it so much.

Every time after the meeting I would see all the Scouts there waiting to start and as a little girl I was so scared of seeing all these big people. One day after we finished the Cub meeting I went and watched a bit of the Scout meeting. I watched it with amazement and I couldn't wait to become a Scout. I soon became Sixer after being in the Pack for a while and I loved that leadership role.

As I started aging out of Cubs I got scared about joining Scouts. I did not think i was ready for it at all after many tears and changing my decision I decided to join Scouts which was the best decision I have ever made. I had my Going Up Ceremony during Covid so I never got to experience the whole thing but it was still very fun and exciting becoming a Scout and going into Scouts with my friends.

Becoming a Scout meant leaving behind some of the familiar comforts of Cubs. It

meant taking on more responsibility and accountability, for my own actions. It meant pushing myself to learn new skills and advance and use my existing ones. One of the biggest changes I noticed as I transitioned from a Cub to a Scout was the increased emphasis on leadership. As a Cub, I had looked up to the older adult leaders for guidance and direction. But as a Scout, I was expected to take a more active role in the leadership department which I was not used to but excited about.

Becoming a Scout was such a good thing for me it helped me learn so much but the main thing it has taught me is commitment. I always went to Scouts in the beginning but as I got older it became less interesting and I stopped attending a lot of meetings and activities. I remember listening to one of the old Rovers Mika talk about his Scouting experience before he left for America. One of the main things Mika said was that he wished he went to all his meetings. I have heard so many people say that and as the teenager I am I thought it was all a lie and that it's different for other people they don't know how I feel about it. Every time my friends made plans on a Friday I always went because I thought it would be so much more fun than Scouts. Every time I missed a meeting and went somewhere at the end of my night I wished I never missed the meeting but I would never admit that. I wanted to leave Scouts so many times and that caused so many arguments between me and my parents. Even though I learnt so many things and had some fun times I did not want to do Scouts.

The biggest regret I have is not going to those Scout meetings I missed. I have noticed how important Scouts are and all the things it can teach me are so valuable and important. No school can teach you what Scouts teaches you. Scouts have so many fun activities and competitions and advancements to do. In Scouts you meet so many people and you make new friends at every Scout thing you participate in. Nothing is better than Scout friends, friendship in Scouts is the best thing ever, being able to have someone be a part of the same thing you do and share the same experiences is so nice.

Overall, becoming a Scout was a challenging but rewarding experience. It taught me valuable skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and commitment, that have served me well both in and out of Scouting. Every Scout meeting I attend I learn something new all the time. It gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment to see how far I had come since my Cub days. And most importantly, it helped me develop a lifelong love of learning and a passion for adventure and exploration. I am grateful for the opportunity of being a part of the Scouting movement, and I look forward to attending more meetings and learning new things.


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