Mia's Springbok Hike at Vogelgat Nature Reserve

Oh hello there my dear readers, it has been a while. For those who don’t remember me, or had no idea I existed, I am your guide, your writer and a Scout that is trying really hard to resist watching more YouTube videos. So, down to business - a few days ago I was requested upon to write a blog once again. Now, this blog will be a little different from the last one, as this time I will not be covering a competition we attended. Oh, no, no, no, we are with the big leagues now. Today, my dear readers, we will be covering one of the most interesting adventures I have ever experienced - my Springbok Hike. So, as per usual, strap on your hiking kit and grab your water bottles (you will probably ne

Pack Soup Kitchen for the Haven Night Shelter

Cub Kathryn's Leaping Wolf, Messenger of Peace and early Mandela Day Project. How do you know when a Cub is an inspirational leader to her peers? When she manages to pull together a team of 15 Cubs and they turn out 40 litres of soup and 7 buttered loaves of bread on a Saturday! The teamwork in this Pack was incredible. The older Cubs assisted the younger ones, they took charge of situations which would make many parents very proud. From peeling vegetables, to the chopping and stirring, washing dishes, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, to the final filling of the 5 litre containers and delivering these to the Shelter. Planning started weeks prior, when requests from Akela in her weekly

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