Polar Bear 2017 - The Challenge is On!

Saturday the 17th of June 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the ever-popular Polar Bear Ice Swim, that normally takes place on the Saturday closest to the Winter Solstice. This year, approximately 200 swimmers partook in the swim that lasts for 30 minutes in the 14°C icy- cold Atlantic waters of Clifton’s 4th Beach. 1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts are fortunate to host a fundraiser at the event that entails selling hot chocolate and hot dogs to the participants before and after the very courageous swim. This year the fundraising committee and volunteers presented a very professional, well-managed and organised catering stand that saw over 200 hot dogs and beverages being sold. Thanks to the Pola

The Camp Fire is Burning

The night began as soon as the first flame rose. It was a beautiful sight as it spread across the wood burning everything around it. As the wood started burning, we began to sing. We started off with the oldest song in the book, "The Camp Fire is Burning". We then took turns as Patrols, singing funny songs like "Found a Peanut and Froggy", and doing hilarious skits about strings. As we did so the flames continued to rise. Near the end of the fun-filled evening, Patrol Leaders united to say a little something to our two special guests, Woody and Caitlin. We recited a poem by Rudyard Kipling (BP's Bestfriend) called "IF". It was just a few words to give them strength and hope for their journey

A Mom’s Perspective on Five Years of Scouting

When, at the age of 12, my son Thomas asked to join 1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts, my answer was an emphatic “no”. I’m not quite sure where my vigorous opposition came from, but it could be that I harbour a deep-seated resentment towards the Scouts. Let me explain. As a child, I dutifully attended Brownies and later Guides, each week trudging up the hill to the Guide Hall from my home in an ordinary Highveld suburb. While we Guides learnt to sew on buttons and sing songs, marvellous things would take place at the Scout Hall barely fifty metres away. Huge, elaborate towers made of poles and ropes seemed to spring out of the earth before my very eyes. Scouts with deep voices and khaki shorts built

Cub Pack Donation Drive - Ukama Holdings

This term, the 1st Muizenberg Cub Pack decided to host a donation drive for Little Angels in Tokai. Sadly, we discovered that this very worthy charity has closed its doors so we decided to look closer to home and came across Ukama Holdings in Capricorn Business Park to teach our pack about service to the community. ‘Ukama’ is a Shona word meaning ‘we are related’ or ‘we are family’. This word encompasses their inclusive philosophy and outlook. They offer a wide range of services, but what interested us is that they support 3 informal creches within the Vrygrond/ Capricorn Area with hot meals daily as well as clothing, blankets and Easter/ Christmas shoeboxes. They support 200 children per d

1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts Annual Quiz Evening 2017

Saturday evening saw our 2nd Annual Quiz Evening kick off to a booming start with 72 people in attendance and more than 20 children enjoying the movie night in 2nd Plumstead's Boat Shed (thank you so much for letting us use your shed!). Our wonderful Fundraising Team has been spending months orchestrating this fantastic event and the proof was absolutely in the pudding. With Lisa Storey, Lisa Bulpin and Leanne Burchell-Burger at the helm, we had a mixed bag of questions for the young and old. The food was delicious, and the decor inviting. We even had some great, festive music during the breaks and a fantastic selection of spot prizes, from cookbooks to meal vouchers and more! Our raffle s

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With over a hundred years of experience in the scouting world, 1st Muizenberg is well established as one of the greatest and oldest scouting troops in Southern Africa. Join us on our quest for adventure as we grow from strength to strength, with the leaders of tomorrow at the helm.

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