Meagan scouts out Rayner, senior scout hiking competition.

This year I volunteered to Judge at Rayner, a hiking competition for senior scouts. The competition tests scouts hiking and scoutcraft skills as they are given various tests of their skill at different bases along the way. Judges and staff are needed to run these various bases, collect points and assist with the logistics of organising the competition and running thereof. Besides the love of nature and enjoying hiking in a beautiful setting, Scouts also enjoy the challenge and major dynamic of the competition which is the SECRET location of the route and hike. This only gets revealed to the Scouts on the day of the hike. On the eve of the hike, Scouts are given a rendezvous location and meet

Life as a Scouter and as a Scout and Cub parent

Life was a lot less hectic before we became a Scouting family! My husband Richard re-joined 1st Muizenberg as an Assistant Troop Scouter when our eldest son Ryan (now 17 years old) got to Cub age. Richard had been a 1st Muizenberg Scout and always said that he learned more about leadership from being a Scout than from any management course he went on as an adult. His mentors growing up were his Troop Scouters and they remained a huge part of his life as an adult. Ryan was a Cub from age 8 and moved up to Scouts in 2012. My youngest son Liam (now 12 years old) was desperate to become a Cub from the age of 4 when he attended his first Scout camp. He was invested as soon as he turned 7, i

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With over a hundred years of experience in the scouting world, 1st Muizenberg is well established as one of the greatest and oldest scouting troops in Southern Africa. Join us on our quest for adventure as we grow from strength to strength, with the leaders of tomorrow at the helm.

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