District Cub Campfire 2018

We were blessed with intermittent showers of glorious rain last Friday but this did not deter our Cub Pack from taking part in the District Campfire . While the clouds brooded ominously in the skies above, our Cubs were armed with their campfire blankets, rain jackets and even a kitty umbrella or two. Nothing would keep these high spirited children from taking part in their very first District Campfire. While the Cubs of the Two Oceans District made plenty of new friends, played makeshift soccer on the grass with coke cans and engaged in a game of (Campfire Blanket) Blind Man's Bluff, the Pack Scouters and Adult Helpers furiously strategised on a plan B as a gentle drizzle sated the thirsty

Founder's Day and B-P Sunday 2018

As many of you know, the Scouting movement was started by Lord Robert Baden-Powell at the turn of the 20th Century and has developed into the global phenomenon it is today with over 40 million members worldwide. This makes it the largest youth development programme in the world and as proud members of a Scouting Group, we can all attest to why. What some of you may not know is that Baden-Powell (fondly termed as B-P by his followers) was born on 22 February 1857 and this day is now celebrated as Founder's Day by Cubs, Scouts, Rovers and Scouters all over the world. In South Africa, Cubs and Scouts honour B-P by wearing their uniform to school (some Scouters have been known to join in the fun

A long hike, imitating animals, natural swimming pools and Timn!!!

Yes, I know it’s a weird title, but at the moment I was in a bit of a rush and I couldn’t quite think of a good enough short and funny one so I thought that this might capture your attention. To the scout/scouter/parent reading this, I hope you enjoy. My First Class Hike was from Greyton to Mcgregor, first day by foot and then the second day we cycled into Mcgregor. It started like any other day with slightly overcast clouds. My brother and my mom drove the amazing team of first class hikers (Mika, Nathan, Rebekah and your friendly narrator) towards our destination, the small town of Greyton. Murphy's Law, it had to start raining in the middle of a drought so after leaving with heartfelt goo

South African National Jamboree - SANJAMB 2017

My experience at the SANJAMB of 2017 is definitely one to remember. Making amazing friends of whom I still speak to on a regular basis, creating memories and falling more in love with the Scouts community. I'd only been a scout for about 5 months at the time of SANJAMB and had only come into contact with a number of scouts in and around courses and competitions. You can probably see why the thought of traveling 18 hours away from home with only a handful of those before mention scouts could be daunting. Not to mention I would barely see any of them as they were in completely different patrols to me. SANJAMB was laid out as follows: half of the Scouts were placed in a blue sub-camp and the o

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