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Upton Shield 2017

Upton Shield is a junior scouting competition, where scouts from all over Cape Town get together to compete. There were about 70 patrols of 4 to 5 people taking part in Upton Shield.

Every year there is a different theme, this year's theme was Ship Wrecked. The hike started at Strandfontein Pavilion and ended at the Sea Scout Base. What A Hike! As you walk on the beach there are bases to do along the way. There were a variety of tasks, like first aid, knotting, shelter building and some colourful and creative activities like making colourful sand using food colouring and drawing a panoramic sketch. The activitie really put our scouting skills and teamwork to the test. For all the bases you do you earn points for how well you do them. The teams also had to do spare time activities while they were walking, like making a plaster cast, painting a flag and much more. These also counted for points.

Scouts is dedicated to helping communities, so along the way each team had to fill up two plastic black bags of rubbish which got taken to the dump.

At the end, all the teams and judges met at the Sea Scout Base. The judges added up all the teams points and then the teams got given their results to see how well they did.

I would like to say on behalf of all the scouts, well done and thank you to all the judges for giving up your time to make such an amazing scout competition happen. I look forward to the next Upton Shield.

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