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The Camp Fire is Burning

The night began as soon as the first flame rose. It was a beautiful sight as it spread across the wood burning everything around it. As the wood started burning, we began to sing.

We started off with the oldest song in the book, "The Camp Fire is Burning". We then took turns as Patrols, singing funny songs like "Found a Peanut and Froggy", and doing hilarious skits about strings. As we did so the flames continued to rise.

Near the end of the fun-filled evening, Patrol Leaders united to say a little something to our two special guests, Woody and Caitlin. We recited a poem by Rudyard Kipling (BP's Bestfriend) called "IF". It was just a few words to give them strength and hope for their journey of life ahead of them. We ended silently, after we all sang Taps and walked out of the camp area.

As the flames died down, we returned with marshmallows. Scouts scrambled for a spot to cook (well burn, actually) their marshmallows. We chatted away into the night as people began to leave and head home. Even though we all left, and the fire turned to ash, the memories remain.

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