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Polar Bear 2017 - The Challenge is On!

Saturday the 17th of June 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the ever-popular Polar Bear Ice Swim, that normally takes place on the Saturday closest to the Winter Solstice. This year, approximately 200 swimmers partook in the swim that lasts for 30 minutes in the 14°C icy- cold Atlantic waters of Clifton’s 4th Beach.

1st Muizenberg Sea Scouts are fortunate to host a fundraiser at the event that entails selling hot chocolate and hot dogs to the participants before and after the very courageous swim. This year the fundraising committee and volunteers presented a very professional, well-managed and organised catering stand that saw over 200 hot dogs and beverages being sold. Thanks to the Polar Bear Club organiser, Steve Morkel, for allowing 1st Muizenberg the privilege of trading at the event.

Several 1st Muizenberg Scouters, Scouts, Cubs and visitors braved the elements and plunged into the water at 10:00 sharp. We were even fortunate enough to spot a real life polar bear in the waves (pictured below) – must have been a long journey from the Arctic! Through lots of motivation and “hoorays” we were able to beat the clock and stay in the water for the full 30 minutes. There are before and after photographs to prove who the brave souls were.

Several Scouts believe that they beat my time by staying in the water for a longer period than I did, but I highly dispute this and lay down a follow-up challenge for next year’s event so that we can see who the true winner is! #thechallengeison

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