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B I N G O!

Once again, our Fundraising Team has outdone themselves with a fantastic family event! On Saturday 5 August, 96 Cubs, Scouts, Scouters, friends and family of 1st Muizenberg attended our very first Family Bingo event. With Troop Scouter, Craig Burchell-Burger at the helm as MC, and Pack Scouter, Lisa Storey behind the scenes, it was (mostly) smooth sailing. Members of the fundraising team worked tirelessly in the kitchen while the rest of the crew manned the deck.

The afternoon began with a practise double round so that the children (and some of the bigger children) could get the hang of the game. Once Bingo had officially started, there was much excitement to be had. There were 10 double rounds, with a break for dinner just before 18h00. Everybody enjoyed a delicious hamburger and salads before returning to the game. Tension definitely mounted as prizes increased in value as the evening progressed, with our grand prize at a value of R 1 000.00!

We all agree that this was a very enjoyable evening out and we will be sure to make it an annual event. We are also very happy to announce that we will have Snapscan available at all future events for those of you who prefer not to carry cash.

We would like to express our gratitude to all those involved with this event, particularly to the fundraising team, the sponsors and everyone who came to join us and make the evening worthwhile.

Thank you very much to Aid 4 A.I.D for inspiring this event and assisting us with ideas and their Bingo Card generator. If you enjoyed our event, please support their Bingo Evenings. They have some fantastic prizes up for grabs and all proceeds go to a very worthy cause. To find out when their next event takes place, follow their Facebook Fan Page here.

If you missed this year's Family Bingo event, be sure to book early next time to avoid disappointment.

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