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Boatswain 2017

Boatswain was fun, scary and challenging. It is all about maintenance skills, piping and making a fancy looking lanyard.

We arrived at the Sea Scout Base ready for action. We started of by varnishing Uncle Stef's banister, table and the trainer officer's door. It looks great if I do say so myself.

We then went over the basics in the evening like knot work, and learnt so much about tools that I never even knew existed! The food was scrumptious. Thank you Uncle Stef and Aunty Julie for the food. Loved every piece of that gammon!

The lanyard was my favourite part. It was so relaxing and I felt so accomplished when I finally finished it.

I am also so proud that I got to use an angle grinder to cut a piece of metal. I was so nervous. That thing is so loud. It's like a monster. But I did it and later did the easier job of fibre glassing.

Everyone had a great time and learnt some valuable skills that they will use one day. As my last senior course, it was one of the best courses I have ever been on.

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