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Muizenberg Festival 2017

From raft building with Zoë Brown to canoeing while doing a litter clean up, the Muizenberg Festival is definitely something that 1st Muizenberg will be involved in again.

The first weekend kicked off on the Saturday morning with raft building, where the public got to learn the art of raft building, square lashings and more. Not only did we give to the community, but we gave back to the environment too, by canoeing to all those hard to reach places on the banks of the vlei. We found really interesting things like a TV, Mattress and even an office chair!

Sunday was more relaxed with free boat rides on our Saldanha Dinghys steered by 1st Muizenberg's very professional helmsman.

The following weekend was even more exciting. We got to have our very own celebrity (Zoë Brown) with us during the raft building. She definitely impressed us and proved that girls can do Scouts too. After many retakes and selfies they headed back to the studio while we packed up our equipment. We were scheduled to do another clean up, but the current was way too strong to canoe in.

Hopefully the public took some valuable skills that could help them in an emergency situation. I can't wait to do this again next year!

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