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Troop Summer Camp - Appleton 10 - 14 December 2017


This particular year, the 1st Muizenberg Court of Honour (COH) requested an exclusive 1st Muizenberg Camp for the December Holidays. The Scouters took this request to heart and came up with the Urban Camp concept to be held at Appleton Scout Campsite on Signal Hill. The idea was pitched to the COH and we received some eager thumbs up.

The Patrol Leaders met the day before camp, Saturday 9 December, to sort their Patrol equipment and pack the trailer.

On Sunday (Day 1), 24 eager Scouts dressed in full uniform and armed with their personal baggage met at the Sea Scout Base. After the administration of consent forms was completed, the Scouts split between the cars of the generous parents that volunteered to drive.

Upon arrival at Appleton, we had a quick “Soft Launch” opening and proceeded to set up Patrol Campsites, HQ and the common camping area. This took most of the day as we were competing with the heat and wind. The proper Opening Ceremony was conducted, whereby the camp was officially declared open. After supper, we were super privileged to have Braam Malherbe, a motivational speaker and adventure expert, present to us his most recent adventure of double handed rowing a specialised boat from Cape Town to Rio. He explained his #DOT campaign to us. #DOT refers to Do One Thing and it encourages people to do one act that can improve the planet for future generations.

On Monday (Day 2), Dylan gave the Scouts a challenging PT session, this was followed by breakfast. After inspection and morning parade, the Scouts were told to jump into “respectable clothing” and prepare for a brisk walk. The Scouts took a walk from Appleton to the Noon Gun, where we were able to witness the 12:00 daily Cannon Firing. This was a first for all of us, incredible to see. The Scouts enjoyed exploring the historic underground bunkers and magazines. After a walk from the Noon Gun to the Old Fire station in Strand Street via Bo Kaap, we caught a MiCity bus to the Urban Park in Green Point. After a Lunch-on-the-go, the Patrols were issued with activity sheets for the Urban Park and had the chance to explore the amazing eco-park. We hopped back onto a MiCity bus to Appleton, where supper was prepared and enjoyed by the Patrols. The night activity was cancelled due to extreme wind.

Robyn at the Helm

On Tuesday (Day 3), Dylan once again gave the Scouts an inspiring PT Session. After morning parade, we proceeded on a hike up Lions Head. What an incredible hike, very scenic, enjoyable and challenging. Some Scouts were convinced that there was a shop on top of Lion’s Head, but they just “Lost the Game”. I was really impressed with some of the juniors on the hike, they really performed well. With our return to Appleton, I whisked the COH away for a surprise activity. I had them all guessing but everything was revealed when we arrived at a Schooner yacht named Esperance, berthed at the Waterfront. I had arranged for my old Scout buddy, Ian, to take us out for a sail. After the COH members helped rig the yacht up, Robyn was fortunate enough to take the helm and keep us on a steady course for the duration of the trip.

While this was all happening, the rest of the troop were rewarded for their hard work around camp with a lovely trip to Camps Bay beach. When everyone arrived back at Appleton, we were surprised to see Robbie Schmid. He had come to visit and run an activity. Robbie ran three pioneering type activities that had everyone hyped up and excited. Thanks for doing these awesome activities buddy.

On Wednesday (Day 4), Dylan allowed the Scouts to sleep in a little bit, but then gave them a thought-provoking leadership exercise to do. Some of the Scouts learnt that some of their naughty habits can really stress their Patrol Leader’s out.

After breakfast and Opening Parade, the Scouts were driven to Kloof Nek where we met another MiCity bus. Our destination - the V&A Waterfront! We had an appointment at the Two Oceans Aquarium. The Scouts were able to meander through the aquarium and interact with the displays while in their Patrols. The shark feed by far was the highlight of the visit.

After the aquarium visit, we had lunch in the amphitheatre, followed by some Patrol free time in the mall. After the free time, we caught the MiCity bus at V&A Waterfront which took us back to Kloof Nek, where we met our lifts back to Appleton. This evening’s supper would be a special one, our camp banquet. The Scouters, with the assistance of some Scouts, prepared the meal to be enjoyed by the Troop under the shelter of the Army Tent. The banquet was an awesome way to reflect on some of the incidents (both good and not so good), laughs and jokes that had accumulated over the camp. Thanks to everyone for making it special.

On Thursday (Day 5), Dylan decided to give the Scouts a break and didn’t present a PT class, much to the relief of some Scouts…and Scouters.

After some preparations, the Troop was ready for KK’s investiture ceremony. This is the first time we have had an investiture on camp, something worth trying and perhaps not doing again as we struggled

to keep the Scouts awake LOL. After the investiture, Nathan and Mika held a Scout’s Own as part of their 1st Class advancement requirement. A Scout’s Own service is usually short, often lasting no longer than 15 minutes. They are made up of a mixture of readings, prayers, reflections and music. Nathan and Mika did an incredible job and the message from the service was indeed reflections and tied in nicely with the #DOT campaign that Braam had told us about.

After the Scout’s Own it was pack up time. The Patrols had the rest of the morning to pack away their personal and Patrol equipment. After a Closing Ceremony at 14:00, the tired Scouts made their way back to the base to offload the trailer. Thanks to all the parents that provided transport. Thanks to Darren Winter for towing the trailer.

Lastly, I would like to thank Braam from Appleton, the Scouters, the Court of Honour led by our noble Dylan and to the Scouts themselves. This was the first time in a while that 1st Muizenberg has had a purely Muizenberg camp and I think it was really beneficial to all. I had an amazing time and am really excited to start working on the next camp planning. ROGER OUT.

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