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Meagan scouts out Rayner, senior scout hiking competition.

This year I volunteered to Judge at Rayner, a hiking competition for senior scouts.

The competition tests scouts hiking and scoutcraft skills as they are given various tests of their skill at different bases along the way. Judges and staff are needed to run these various bases, collect points and assist with the logistics of organising the competition and running thereof.

Besides the love of nature and enjoying hiking in a beautiful setting, Scouts also enjoy the challenge and major dynamic of the competition which is the SECRET location of the route and hike. This only gets revealed to the Scouts on the day of the hike. On the eve of the hike, Scouts are given a rendezvous location and meet there on the day. From there they get instructions as to the location of the hiking route.

This year the hike took place along the West Coast, 34 Kms from the start point to the end point at Koeberg Power Station. We hiked along the beach and sand dunes most of the way. We slept overnight at a campsite called Silverstroom.

I went to this competition with the view to check out what Scouts need to be prepared for to participate. Next year we will be sending at least 1 team of senior Scouts to take part and they will be well prepared to take the competition by storm!

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