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1st Muizenberg Vikings Win Honor at Kontiki 2018

To those of you who don't know what Kontiki is, let me explain;

Our scouter Wayne Pellew likes to say “Kontiki is the Olympics of scouting”. It is a scouting competition whereby troops build a raft using pioneering methods, construct a hut on top of the raft, the raft is then launched on to the water and 6 team members live on the raft for 24 hours. While on the raft, the raft crew need to cook and perform certain challenges which they are judged and scored on as part of the competition. Each year a new theme issued as a framework for the competition.

This year 2018’s theme was vikings. So much more could be said about the vikings theme, but the pictures say more than words can. Besides what I really want to mention is the team spirit of 1st Muizenberg,

1st Muizenberg takes Kontiki very seriously. The whole group gets involved during the 3 months preceding the competition and hours of labour are spent in effort to create the best looking hut, costumes and raft - Creative juices are squeezed out to make an enticing plan to match the theme.

Kontiki preparation at 1st Muizenberg brings out the teamwork and spirit of comradery that is the ethos of our Group - parents, scouts, cubs and of course scouters too enjoy working together, in this way we form close bonds and build our community. The key to our success at Kontiki this year was the team work and best effort that everyone gave to the preparation for Kontiki,

We came 2nd overall out of 24 teams in the competition, which is a huge and commendable achievement for us. In the end everyone from raft crew, to parents, cubs to scouts revelled in the glory of this great achievement and a very important life lesson was taught to the children who are the reason that we do scouting in the first place: great effort achieves great results.

Well done 1st Muizenberg!

Looking forward to find out next year’s Kontiki theme so we can start the fun all over again!

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