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Cub Activity - Kontiki 2018

The Cub & Brownie activity on Sunday 25 March at Kon-Tiki was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Although only 5 of 1st Muizenberg's Cubs could attend, they had a great time meeting other Cubs and Brownies as well as experiencing 4 different activity bases.

The first base involved making a leather bracelet with a Celtic charm. The Cubs learnt how to cut the leader thong to the correct length and attach the charm using pliers. Scouters and parents were on hand to assist but the Cubs made the bracelets all by themselves. 2 of our Pack Scouters were lucky enough to have bracelets made for us by one of the Cubs who was very handy with her pliers!

The second base was a team activity where 10 Cubs worked together using the Viking alphabet - the alphabet letters were written on plastic bottle tops and they had to combine the bottle tops to create as many words as they could. They had great fun and competed fiercely to create more words than their opposing teams! They had a time limit of 3 minutes and our team managed to create 26 different words.This activity shows us how useful and fun things can be made with items that we would normally throw away or recycle. All you need is a little bit of imagination!

The third base was my favourite and was run by the 2nd Plumstead

Scouters. They had created a lawn game inspired by the Swedish game Kubb. The objective is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them - a bit of a combination of bowling and horseshoes but much more fun. The Cubs & Brownies divided into 6 teams and each team took turns to throw their baton at 5 blocks which were balancing on a thin strip of wood. Each team had to knock over their 5 blocks before they aimed at the "king" which is a larger wooden block behind the 5 blocks. The winning team were the ones who succeeded in knocking over all the wooden blocks first, in the correct order. The game is said to have Viking origins and is nicknamed Viking chess but Kubb sounds much more appropriate when played by Cubs! 2nd Plumstead were kind enough to give us one of their Kubb games so we will definately be using this in future Cub programmes.

The last base activity was about Swopping. Each child made a colourful Viking helmet brooch and were then encouraged to meet the other children in their group by asking to swop their brooches and chat to each other about which group they are from, their name, etc. The Adult leader in charge then taught them a fun Viking song with actions which kept them busy until it was time for the closing ceremony.

I was very impressed with the activities this year, it was definitely much more exciting for all the different ages and very well organised.

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