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Troop Summer Camp 2020

The day before troop camp was exciting, nobody could wait. We were at the Sea Scout Base packing equipment. Those who were helping were passed off on some Discoverer advancement! We were kept busy preparing equipment to be packed into trailers, carrying things to trailers or even helping to pack trailers.

And when we were done with that we closed up and went home. At my home, where the atmosphere wasn’t much different to the base; nobody could wait for troop camp (even the dogs)! I was so excited I could barely sleep!

This was it, the day we were going to Troop camp! We left as early as we could. When we arrived at the base and we got to work; sorting out how to transport personal kit, food, and trailers. There was loads to transport! I also had to exercise the dogs. But after all that, we were on our way to Summer camp!

On the way to camp, it was cramped; in the back of the kombi there were three people (I was one of them), no space(I couldn’t even move my legs), and a dog, in the middle of the kombi there was lots of space, kit, two people, and a dog, in the front of the kombi there was some space two people, no kit, and no dog, in the boot of the kombi there was no space, no people, no dogs, and one hundred percent kit and food. Everyone was bored, tired, and excited (and those things do not go well together).

WE WERE THERE!!! Everywhere there were mangoes (at first, I didn’t think they were mangoes), the mangoes were purple and hairy! We were finally there after four hours of being stuck in a cramped car with only a couple chances to stretch our legs. But now we could relax, eat lunch, and unpack the trailers.

After the trailers were unpacked we set up our tents. For me there was lots of arguing about who was sleeping where and whether we should move our tents, and silly stuff like that, but when all of our stuff was unpacked we could swim.

The first night, most of us slept in our tents, everyone was tired and no one wasn’t excited!

The next morning (the first morning of camp) was chilled; we did flag break and had breakfast, then we set up the army tents for shade and shelter. When the army tents were up we swam and the life raft and the water trampoline were taken down to the dam.

In the evenings, we made our own meals, we played a wide game, we did a bonfire, we did a survival night, and we did a campfire. On the campfire we acted skits, sang songs, and laughed at funny skits!

Over the week we had loads of fun pranking Scouts and Scouters,

drawing on sleeping scouts, and Losing the Game. The dogs also gave us loads of fun and laughs! We also had fun crossing the dam on the rafts we made and the rafts were pulled by stronger scouts.

Every morning, apart from the first and last morning, we had P.T. (personal training) which a few people moaned about, but it was worth it and earned us the fitness badge and we were stretched to get fit.

Summer camp was extremely fun and I would highly recommend going next year!

Yours in Scouting,


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