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Cubs and Scouts - Musings from a Cub/ Scout

Why I Like Cubs

Cubs is very fun but interesting at the same time, you can learn a lot from going to the meetings like how to tie knots, house safety, road safety and so much more. There is so much to learn about in Cubs I could write 50 pages (front and back) and still not list all of it. For each thing you learn you can earn badges, which are sewn onto your uniform.

Yes! That's right, you heard me, there's a uniform. 1st Muizenberg is different than most, as part of our uniform we have a solid green scarf, that's because we are one of the oldest troops in South Africa. Our troop is more than 100 years old.

The best part is that we are all a family.

Why I think you should join Cubs

You shouldn't join to give Green Six more points (Green Six is my Six :)) but rather to have a fun learning experience. I don't mean the classroom kind of fun, when the teacher says, "Let's have fun!" and then you are stuck writing lines. No, I mean fun as in games, camping, outings and events. If you become a Sixer or a Seconder, you get to be in charge of your Six. But most of all, you get to make new friends.

What I am looking forward to in Scouts

I'm most looking forward to learning how to sail, building rafts, camping, cooking, hiking, learning life skills and survival skills.I am also looking forward to taking courses and earning badges and other achievements.

So in other words, please come join me!

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