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Meet our Epic Assistant Pack Scouter Martin Odd AKA "Kaa"

Those of you who attended Cub Fun Day this year and wandered over to our base would have been lucky enough to come into contact with our fantastic APS Martin Odd AKA Kaa and a few of his friends. Martin is our very own Animal Whisperer and our Pack is blessed to have him as one of their Scouters!

Some of you may not know that Martin's family has been involved in Scouting for generations. Here's a bit more in Martin's own words:

"My family has been involved in Scouting going back to my Grandfather in the 1920’s and 30’s. My Dad was a Sea Scout in the 1950’s and 60’s, and my brother and myself also joined in the early 1980’s. I joined the Robin Hills Scout Group in Randburg when I was 8 years old as a cub. When I first started, we used to meet in a classroom at Rand Park High School, then we moved to a Church Hall in Fountainbleu, and then into our very own custom built brand new Scout Hall in Robin Hills. A lot of my friends from school were in the same pack, and we all did our leaping wolf badges together and went up to the Scout Troop in the same year. My Dad was Baloo and my Mum was Bagheera. I’ll never forget what we got up to and what we learnt in the meetings. A lot of what we learnt has been carried forward into my life now, both at work and at home. One thing I remember Akela telling us was that no matter what you might think of a person, whether you like them or not, you might not know that person's story. That always stuck with me, that appearances are not always what they seem, and that good can be found in anybody no matter who they are.

We moved to Cape Town when I was 15, and unfortunately never carried on with Scouting. Something I regret. I met 1st Muizenberg when they were at a camp, and was lucky enough to share my birds with them. I might have mentioned that my son was about to turn 7, and what the chances would be for him to join as a chum. Pretty good it turned out, as we haven’t looked back! He joined and then I joined as an assistant pack scouter (following in my Dad's footsteps). Friday evenings are a highlight of the week for Tyler and myself. Tyler finds that it’s a big relief after a week of school to learn about and do real things that all kids should do, while making new friends, and being part of the 1st Muizenberg Sea Scout family".

It is wonderful to have both you and Tyler in our group Martin and we look forward to many more years of adventure!

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