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A long hike, imitating animals, natural swimming pools and Timn!!!

Yes, I know it’s a weird title, but at the moment I was in a bit of a rush and I couldn’t quite think of a good enough short and funny one so I thought that this might capture your attention.

To the scout/scouter/parent reading this, I hope you enjoy.

My First Class Hike was from Greyton to Mcgregor, first day by foot and then the second day we cycled into Mcgregor. It started like any other day with slightly overcast clouds. My brother and my mom drove the amazing team of first class hikers (Mika, Nathan, Rebekah and your friendly narrator) towards our destination, the small town of Greyton.

Murphy's Law, it had to start raining in the middle of a drought so after leaving with heartfelt goodbyes towards our designated drivers we started hiking through the drizzle having serious discussions about our favourite TV shows, how much snacks we had and of course where our first stop would be. This coincidentally just happened to be, at the famous Breakfast Rock.

By this time it had stopped raining. So we sat down on the peak overlooking lush vegetation, beautiful valleys and views that would send a shiver down your spine, pulled out our lunch packs and started snacking. After about an hour we headed off again which turned out to be pretty fun with Rebekah imitating all the animals around us so well that, we believed that the bird that we heard chirping was right behind us.

We arrived at an astonishing waterfall and realized that we had decided where our next break would be. We once again pulled out our snack and had a marvelous lunch (which was also where Nathan had his first boiled egg).

I have to say that this was my favorite part of the hike with an all-natural swimming pool, facing my fears and jumping off a ledge into the water and of course having competitions to see who could reach the bottom.

So I am going to be honest here even though we were all in high spirits I was starting to get slightly worried as Mika had mysteriously disappeared.

With Nathan right behind me and Rebekah being the brave one of the group leading us we made our way through the brush looking for our ‘missing’ team mate. Just as we turned a corner a strange voice called out to us, “Why hello there travelers my name is Timn!” there on a tiny hill sat a guy who looked exactly like Mika, after explaining his predicament about losing his candy he just ran off leaving us all incredibly confused. He wasn’t the only Mika doppelganger though we also met Marcus with a c and with a p though he himself was not sure where the p was in his name.

When we neared the top of the mountain Mika magically appeared again claiming to have no idea who these strange people that looked exactly like him were.

We made it to the hut (which was more like an actual house with running water and electricity) at about sunset where we had home cooked meals by Mama Mika.

The following morning after breakfast we cycled (our bikes had been delivered to the hut) down into the town of McGregor. Down is a nice way of putting we travelled at a remarkable speed thanks to the force of gravity. Dust flying everywhere. Nathan being in front the entire way and the rest of us left to eat his dust! Luckily we only hit a minor problem where 5 savage farm dogs started chasing us and it ended up being an everyman or woman for themselves! I am convinced these gruesome canines thought we were their Mr Delivery meal on wheels!

We finally arrived safely at our destination in McGregor. We were most fortunate as one of the guest house owners allowed us to cool off in their splash pool before loading up the vehicle and heading back home.


Mika: It was a beautiful hike with great company especially Mr Timn

Rebekah: the hike was awesome; it was the toughest but most amazing hike so far

Nathan: I was fed well and had a superb time.

Myself: I can only say the hike and cycle were awesome as I was fortunate to have some awesome Snoozenberg company which will make it very hard to forget..great people = great memories….thanks guys!

Overall I would recommend this hike to everyone who wants to make some amazing memories.

P.S. sorry that it’s long



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